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About Us

Immigration, Immigrants and Labour Markets in Europe

Standing Committee within the IMISCOE network

The focus of IILME’s research is the link between migration, labour market dynamics and access to welfare resources. These themes are central to the discourse and policy on immigration and integration of newly arrived migrants and their children. In particular, IILME’s research focuses on the role of labour market actors and dynamics in influencing immigration phenomena as well as migrants’ positions and experiences in the host labour market. IILME aims to produce original knowledge to contribute to both academic and policy debates on these themes.

Interdisciplinary approach

Building up on the work carried out within the previous IITUE research group (Immigration, Integration and Trade Unions in Europe), IILME aims at exploring the complexities and contradictions of the interaction between migration phenomena and the labour market in a time of rapidly changing migration, integration and labour market policies. The originality of the program lies in its theoretical framework. We seek to combine the tradition of industrial relations, political economy especially research on segmented labour market(s) and gender studies to explore multiple intersectional inequalities as well as the precarization of migrant and ethnic workers within labour markets. 

IILME Steering Group

Judith Roosblad


Kornelia Anna Kerti

IILME Members

Per Anderson

Linn Axelsson

Pascal Beckersj

Almina Bešić

Ben Brindle

Philippa Brunner-Heywood

Esien Eddy Bruno

Erica Consterdine

Sonila Danaj

Tesseltje de Lange

Flavia Fossati

Leila Giannetto

Valentine Ibeka

Könül Jafarova

Olga Jubany

Kamal Kassam

Arjan Keizer

Samaneh Khaef

Jeremy Kuhnle

Christine Lang

Franziska Laudenbach

Roas Lázaro

Nathan Lillie

Mai Lundenmark

Sandra Mantù

Deborah Milly

Katarina Mozetič

Cécile Navarro

Quivine Ndomo

Ilana Nussbaum Bitran

Marta Pachocka

Constantin Palmadeala

Ferruccio Pastore

Asya Pisarevskaya

Maj Rørdam Nielsen

Thorsten Schlee

Helen Schwenken

Hans Siebers

Isabella Stingl

Johanna Ullmann

Marleen van der Haar

Franca van Hooren

Micheline van Riemsdijk

Karen Ravn Vestergaard 

Anja Weiß

Nils Witte

Eva Zschirnt

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